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Tips for Improving your Web Development Results

Provides tips for better managing your website, web applications and inbound marketing efforts.

What Happens In Our Website Development Process

Using our website development process services is an important step for helping your business. Our SEO and web design services help business owners all over the country with lead generation and web marketing that improves their visibility, reach, and bottom line sales. If you've never worked with a quality professional web marketing company, you ma...

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 2/24/2017 5:14:51 PM

Scrum: the Most Popular Way to Agile

What is scrum? Although it only consists of five letters, Scrum is not an acronym, but a term borrowed from the sport of rugby which refers to a method for managing software development projects. Scrum is an Agile software development method which, unlike the traditional “waterfall” method, uses an iterative approach involving a cross-functional t...

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 2/9/2017 9:14:58 AM

Your Website Development Process: Creating an Online Customer Portal

Creating a website of any kind can be a stressful ordeal. The website development process has multiple facets to it in order to create a functioning, serviceable site. Many people, though, forget about customer service when creating their site. In today's digital world, customer service is quickly moving towards customer self-service. Allowing for...

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 2/6/2017 5:48:25 PM

7 tips for Writing User Stories for use in Agile Development

A successful sprint in agile development centers around the User Story. The User Story helps ensure that the product delivered accurately reflects the user requirements. They provide a clear and concise way for developers and customers to collaborate in a language that each understands. This helps the customer articulate their request, and provides...

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 1/30/2017 8:17:31 AM

One Major Reason Why Reputation Management is Important

In an online world rife with fake news, viral posts, and instantaneous reactions, reputation management is increasingly important. One bad Yelp review, embarrassing hashtag or unfortunate photo will find years of hard work undone in several days, if not hours. Although managing your reputation may be important for the overall health of your busines...

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 1/25/2017 2:25:33 PM