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What is the foundational principle of ethical leadership that all other principles rest upon?
 Trustworthiness, honesty, and personal integrity
 Taking action in the most difficult situations
 Balancing the social, environmental, and financial dimensions of the organization.
 Taking responsibility for others
Besides a well defined mission and vision, leadership involves what four other elements?
 Enabling, training, disciplining and motivation
 Doing things right, effectiveness, efficiency and performance management
 Values, communication, empowerment and self understanding
 Technical competency, professionalism, process improvement and standard operating procedure
Organization and individual change management, when combined, provide a structured approach to implementing change management.
In facilities work, modeling is the principle that describes the existence of leaders at all levels of the organization?
Effective leaders model what aspect of the organization?
What are some perspectives typically addressed by the Balanced Score Card?
 Finance, customers, process improvement, employee development
 Performance results, metrics, service, quality
 Benchmarks, Pareto voting, alignment, business plans
 Variance, alignment, service, process review
A senior facilities officer recently hired by an institution observes that the organizational structure does not make sense. An appropriate next action is to:
 meet with the facilities management staff to gather their observations.
 hire a organizational consultant to review and recommend changes to the existing structure.
 review the structures of other institutions and adopt the best elements of each.
 structure the organization to achieve the department's mission and goals.
What elements must function together to ensure success and are referred to as the three corners of the Joiner Triangle?
 Quality as defined by the customer, data-driven process analysis, employee teamwork
 Being customer focused, seeking quality service, benchmarking with best practices
 Life-long learning, continuous process improvement, continuous self-improvement
 Understanding resistance to change, creating a strong vision, effective communication
When considering the establishment of a campus sustainability process energy use is key?
The university administration has decided to undertake a guaranteed energy performance contract by partnering with an Energy Services Company (ESCO). What is the most effective way to present the details of the program to the committee that has little kno
 A full written report of the ESCO in the agenda package
 Asking ESCO representatives to attend the meeting to speak to the proposal
 The Chief Facilities Office (CFO) presenting the specific details of the program.
 A CFO presentation about performance contracting process.
What will an education facilities professional identify prior to bidding a contract for services for elevators on campus?
 Scope of services, measurement of outcomes, service delivery expectations
 Area for the service to be performed, customer receiving the service
 Method for service delivery, including equipment and number of staff to accomplish
 Tools and techniques to be used, time of day to accomplish the service
What goal should an education facilities professional set for employees to improve customer service?
 Fill every request from the customer as soon as possible
 Respond to the customer's requests as soon as possible
 Know and understand the needs of the customer
 Share regular reports on request status on a monthly basis
Sending a supervisor to visit the customer is the most effective method of addressing a customer's negative response to a work order survey?
What are the steps in the Deming Cycle of process improvement?
 Strategize, align, benchmark, improve
 Organize, define, measure, repeat
 Define, organize, design, verify
 Plan, do, check, act
Facility organizations use data to track and provide information. Given the data maturity model, at what level should decisions be made?
 Knowledge and understanding level
 Experience and ability level
 Awareness and tenure level
 Educated and experienced level
An example of a facility's key performance indicator is:
 dollars per gross square foot.
 student retention ratio.
 student/faculty ratio.
 higher education price index.
A university has a needs index of 50%. What action should be taken by the facilities department?
 Have a facilities staff meeting to brief staff regarding the level of the needs index
 Increase the staffing levels and train facilities employees
 Brief senior campus decision makers and discuss strategies to strengthen investment in facilities
 Look for options to demolish campus buildings
The role of the supervisor in team building is to:
 make decisions based upon what is best for the team.
 create the policies and procedures for the team members to follow.
 oversee the group and make sure everyone is doing everything correctly.
 create the environment and atmosphere for team building to happen.
What are the common aspects of on the job training?
 Highlighting internal talent, e-sharing of best practices, independent coursework
 Tool box meetings, internet training, mentoring relationships
 Live group talks, safety tool box meetings, departmental "all hands" meetings with the director
 Job shadowing, cross training, rotating job assignments
Which items should be considered in creating a development plan for a staff member?
 A report from co-workers questioning the performance of the employee
 A training video on employee development provided by Human Resources
 The employee's current skills matrix, a carefully prepared interview with the employee, and field observations of the employee's work
 The Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals of the assigned systems and equipment
The primary responsibility of an organization's staff development lies with a training officer or designated member of Human Resources.
While preparing for a new mechanic's six-month appraisal, a supervisor identifies a gap between performance expectation and actual job skill performance. What can the supervisor do to help reduce this performance gap?
 Develop a training needs assessment
 Address the issue in the performance appraisal
 Document standard operating procedures
 Reiterate goals and objectives
Which activity is most critical to supervisors and managers in times of budget restraint when they must ensure appropriate staff development?
 Observing the performance of direct reports
 Making sure each staff member has one travel opportunity
 Creating a training and development plan for staff
 Review standard operating procedures for each position
To ensure an effective staff development program a supervisor should assess availability of faculty to provide training
What is a key component for an effective staff development strategy?
 Identify skills required to address emerging trends
 Strengthen performance evaluation
 Strengthen the reward and recognition programs
 Promote high performing employees
Which result is a benefit of an organization with effective diversity management?
 Enhanced workplace standards
 Older, more experienced work force
 Ability to gain consensus
 Greater flexibility
Who interprets and enforces the laws in union contracts?
 The board of directors of the institution
 Equal opportunity employment coalition
 Appointed negotiation mediators
 National labor relations board
Development is the best action present in effective long-term performance management
To support the organization's strategic initiative, staff development funding should be tied to:
 salary percent
 effective results
 a balance of staff and faculty
What are the two factors in assessing risk?
 resource allocation and legality
 Risk impact and probability
 Regulation and compliance
 health and public safety
Which would be part of a capital budget?
 Utilities usage
 Roof replacement
 Tables and chairs
 Grounds staff and consumables
Labor, fringe benefits, and overhead are three examples of capital assets.
Campus financial equilibrium can be achieved when:
 student enrollments are reduced.
 growth in revenue is less than growth in expenditures.
 expenditures for renewal and replacement are less than the level that preserves useful life.
 current revenue equals or is greater than current expenditures.
The most important budget comparison technique to a facilities professional is:
 costs versus allocation.
 performance versus projection.
 present versus past.
 actual versus budget.
Variable rate debt financing for a project should be considered if the national exonomic conditions are unstable.
What is an important element to check when reviewing a work order accounting system before a formal audit?
 Control activities
 Number of transactions
 Number of customers serviced
 Age of current work orders
Which capital budgeting technique produces a result expressed as a percentage?
 Net Present Value
 Payback Method
 Time Value of Money
 Internal Rate of Return
The university is considering constructing a new residence hall. For the project to be viable, the net present value should be larger than zero.
An institution is building an extension on a campus building. What does this project do to the institution's balance sheet?
 Assets are increased and liabilities are incurred
 Assets are reduced and liabilities eliminated
 Assets are increased and liabilities are decreased
 Assets and liabilities are unaffected
To recover facilities costs for services provided, rates must include:
 billable hours and materials.
 direct, indirect, and management overhead costs.
 salaries, benefits, and materials.
 budgeted and estimated costs.
Costs that are constant in total amount, regardless of changes in production and volume or level, are called direct costs.
A university facilities department is considering whether to contract certain services, such as elevator maintenance, or to use in-house crews. What technique can help inform the decision?
 Financial forecasting
 Break-even analysis
 Payback method
 Internal Rate of Return
A business manager who is not technically trained must rely on the facilities professional for advice regarding differences among technical alternatives. What common variables must be considered when advising the business manager?
 Initial costs, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs, life expectancy replacement costs
 Time value of money, immediate installation costs, long term costs
 Principles of cost control, risk assessment, reliability analysis
 Human resource costs, debt analysis, life cycle costs
Which of these would benefit from a break even analysis?
 Pay increases for employees
 Deciding to generate utilities in-house or buy from a utility company
 Selection of a sole source provider
 Selection of a low bidder for a capital project
For various maintenance spending rates, which cost control measure needs to be considered?
 Actual versus Budget
 Present versus Past
 Performance Analysis
 Exception Analysis
What data is needed to identify the productivity of custodial employees, given that the tools, chemicals, and equipment are the same?
 The type of buildings in the specified area
 The type of rooms in a specified area
 The number of occupants in a building
 The number of minutes for an employee to perform a task for a specified area
Which type of accounting is most widely used due to its ability to measure revenues when the amount is earned, and expenses and other deductions when revenues are used up?
 Interfund accounting
 Cash accounting
 Cost accounting
 Accrual accounting
In addition to assets, the accounting equation includes:
 liabilities and income.
 liabilities and net worth.
 equity and income.
 equity and net worth.
In fund accounting, when assets are subtracted from liabilities, the result is net worth.
The account number, description of account, type of account, and balance information is recorded in which institutional financial document?
 Chart of accounts
 Cash flow statement
 Statement of activities
 Statement of financial position
A warehouse materials manager selects a vendor to provide the institution's annual consumption of spare parts. The warehouse is not large enough to hold all of the materials used in a year. There is a general understanding that when supplies are low, the
 The lead time for the supplier to provide materials, and the rate of consumption of materials
 The lead time for the supplier to provide materials, and the shipping company
 The shipping company, and the manufacturer of the parts
 The rate of consumption of materials, and the number of parts in a crate
The Strategic Capital Development Model focuses on a way to create capital resources.
What will be the primary benefit for the institution to continue the full process of capital renewal and replacement?
 Gives insight to other departments about facilities
 Allows it to be used as an exhibit for financial leverage
 Provides a comprehensive set of facilities reports
 Allows priorities to be set with the best information available
Excluding utilities, what percentage range of the current replacement value should be used to properly maintain a facility?
An effective strategy for implementing a capital renewal and replacement program includes identifying a short-term need for deferred maintenance and long-term needs for life cycle renewal.
What type of maintenance involves work that has been postponed to a future budget cycle or until funds are available?
What technology is currently preferred to control the building systems from a central point?
 Direct digital control
A facilities organization's primary mission in the event of an emergency should be to:
 protect lives.
 provide security.
 provide communications.
 contact the president.
What are the three basic types of emergencies that the Senior Facilities Officer would need to address?
 Natural, Physical, Environmental
 Earthquake, Tornado, Flooding
 Natural, Technological, Man Made
 Fiscal, Facilities, Security
The president or school's administrative head would be responsible for the initial declaration of a campus wide emergency.
In a building with an expected 40-year life span, over 80% of its cost is in which of the following areas?
 Operations and maintenance
 Design and construction
 Scheduling and space planning
 Furnishings and laboratory equipment
The method for calculating maintenance funding for new facilities through the application of reinvestment rate funding involves dollars as a percentage of:
 costs per gross square foot.
 student full time equivalents.
 building value.
 institutional budget.
Which are examples of methods for estimating the cost of work?
 Predetermined time standards, historical cost, and experience
 Hours per employee, percentage of work completed, and the size of a job
 Honing method, acquisition method, and labor method
 Disbursement core, development directive, and administrative variance
The first step in establishing an effective scheduling program is drafting a work control process.
Which is an example of long range planning in a maintenance management program?
 Workload balancing
 Work backlog analysis
 Capital renewal programs
 Job or project planning
Scheduling work helps facilities organizations improve through a cost benefit analysis.
What must be considered when determining the frequency of preventive maintenance work orders?
 Day of the week
 Impact of downtime
 Size of components
 Type of trade involved
An important step in establishing an effective maintenance scheduling program is:
 developing a customer survey tool.
 estimating the cost of materials.
 budgeting properly for new construction.
 determining resource availability.
A building with an Facilities Condition Index of greater than 0.3 is most likely to have:
 exemplary performance.
 unexpected problems.
 catastrophic failures.
 dependable performance.
In most schools' maintenance organization, the work order system is the basis for capital improvements.
For a work management system to provide a comprehensive program of maintenance management, it must be integrated with a policy of:
 leave and sick time.
 primary fuel management.
 capital building programs.
 fiscal control.
In the work control process, once the services of the facility organization have been requested and identified by a work order, a decision must be made regarding whether to accomplish the work. This process is called:
 fund allocation.
In a facilities professional’s role, Parent-Child relationships best apply to a word order system.
Three components of a good work management system are:
 a work order system, cost estimating, and scheduling.
 staffing, work distribution, and communication.
 a mission, work distribution, and a computer system.
 monitoring, reporting, and paperwork.
Of all the data that facilities management integrates within the institution-wide system, what type is used solely by facilities management?
 Building monitoring data
 Payroll data
 Project data
 Utilities data
The building exterior wall insulation material that provides the best insulation qualities possible has the highest R-value possible
A ventilation system in which air is delivered to a space at a constant temperature with a changing quantity is known as:
 two-pipe system (TPS).
 air-to-air recovery (AAR).
 variable air volume (VAV).
 direct space condition (DSC).
Which elevator system is the most expensive to install and maintain?
 Geared traction
 Compact gearless traction
 Gearless traction
What is the purpose of switches in electrical distribution systems?
 Provide overcurrent protection by interrupting the circuit under fault conditions
 Transform voltages from high to low for use in buildings
 Make, break, or modify a connection through interrupting a circuit
 Transform current from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC)
Which type of vertical transportation system requires drilling and possible oil contamination of ground water?
 Hydraulic elevator
 Geared traction elevator
 Gearless traction elevator
A new project manager is assisting a new architect on the campus standards. What are the basics of building framing the facilities professional should have the architect consider?
 Structural steel, reinforced concrete, wall bearing, a combination of these, and tensile structure
 Cinder blocks, concrete, and stone
 Wood, concrete, and steel
 Compression loads, steel, and wood
Tthe best method of dealing with thatch in turf is mowing and cultural practices.
In building a sidewalk, the slope that is perpendicular to the direction of travel is the:
 top slope.
 cross slope.
 side slope.
 back slope.
The most common problem regarding paved surfaces is:
 the improper marking of the surface.
 heat produced from the surface.
 lack of drainage.
 the amount of impervious material used.
What can replace fences used to direct traffic, restrict use to designated programs, and secure areas?
 Ditches or holes
 Plants or pavements
 Walls and signs
 Blocking entrances to buildings
Tthe single most significant item that creates visual clutter on a campus is parking and placement of parking lots.
What process is essential to making staffing and management decisions for campus grounds management?
 Measuring and inventorying the campus landscape assets
 Determining service and quality expectations
 Investigating local climate and water resource availability
 Reviewing campus grounds technical specifications
The basic component of solid waste disposal is collecting and transporting waste from storage locations to disposal.
What should be one of the first steps in developing an in-house recycling or solid waste program?
 Check with local municipalities, counties and state laws, requirements, and regulations
 Ensure there is enough staff for collections
 Buy in from custodial staff
 Faculty support
A school is implementing a recycling program for the first time. What factor will have the biggest impact on its success?
 Measurement of success
 Education of the community
 Knowledge of the waste ratios on campus
 Understanding of the composting process
A major way to dramatically reduce the labor required for grounds maintenance procedures is to have chemicals on hand.
The presence of some materials can require continuous reporting if:
 the materials are identifiable as potentially hazardous.
 campus environmental, health and safety staff so designate.
 facilities safety staff determine it is prudent.
 the material amounts exceed certain threshold limits.
When it is necessary to generate hazardous waste, one of the clearest ways to minimize disposal costs is to:
 dilute the waste.
 keep wastes segregated.
 combine wastes.
 standardize purchasing specifications for the waste.
Asbestos, commonly used insulating material in transformers, has been discontinued because it is a hazardous material.
Several complaints have been received from faculty deans regarding the cleanliness in their areas. What is the most effective systemic course of action?
 Meet with the custodial management team to assess the situation
 Talk with the deans to explain that facilities are under resourced
 Execute an auditing/benchmarking exercise to determine the current level of service
 Personally inspect the areas involved to evaluate the extent of the issues
The total cost of ownership (TCO) insures the owner's understanding that:
 assets are being properly managed.
 assets will have the required Return on Investment.
 assets are properly investigated and reported.
 assets are properly designed and constructed.
A well-developed custodial policy and procedure manual should include current policies, service levels, safety information and a how-to manual.
A top priority in campus security is having an on-campus police force.
What classification of construction type would achieve the highest level of fire protection?
 Masonry construction 
 Type 5 construction
 Only non-flammable furnishings
 Type 1 construction
The facilities department is experiencing a dramatic increase in days lost to injury. What is an effective way to reduce the number of days lost?
 Implement a physical fitness and stretching program
 Implement a comprehensive return to work program
 Contract out the most dangerous maintenance activities
 Pair workers in unsafe situations
Athletic special event insurance should include protection for vehicles and equipment.
Waste treatment systems must meet water quality criteria expressed as numeric limits of:
 water color or clarity.
 biomass levels or soil saturations.
 pollutant concentrations or mass loads.
 subsurface flow or bacteria growth.
Which best describes the elements of a comprehensive Campus Energy Utilization program?
 Procurement, distribution, generation, conservation, monitoring cost and energy use
 Demand side management, energy conservation, and sustainable supplies
 Use monitoring, time of day pricing, high voltage distribution, and electric tariff setting
 Generation, distribution and demand management of energy use, and electric tariff setting
The decision to implement an energy conservation measure should be based on the:
 payback method.
 age of the building.
 most state-of-the-art solution.
 ease of scheduling the work.
The first step to be taken when developing an energy strategy for an existing building is to conduct an energy audit.
What is the function of an economizer?
 Transfers thermal energy between exhaust air and incoming air to reduce energy use
 Economizes on the energy used by boilers through the use of boiler monitors and controllers
 Economizes on the use of water with low-flow toilets, waterless urinals and low-flow faucets and showerheads
 Transfers energy between a plant's steam distribution system and a building's hot water system
Which of the following actions is an example of supply-side management?
 Procuring a transmission rate from the utility provider
 Developing a co-generation plant
 Developing an ice or chilled water storage system
 Developing energy conservation measures
Which is an example of demand-side management?
 Negotiating fuel contracts
 Increasing thermal storage
 Shutting down equipment during peak electrical periods
 Starting up chillers to meet peak demand
Advantages of a central plant system compared to a distributed system include:
 lower first cost and lower thermal and hydraulic losses.
 lower installed load capacity and lower operational costs
 less space needs and fewer utility rate decisions.
 longer equipment useful life and less complex combustion.
A good feed water treatment program will reduce:
 level of toxic chemicals and non-dissolvable solids.
 saline content and pH levels.
 resistivity and ozone levels.
 mineral hardness and excess oxygen levels.
What are three common considerations when comparing a central heating plant to a distributed heating system?
 Capital costs, energy efficiency, maintenance and operation costs
 Life cycle costs, fuel types, boiler types
 Distribution losses, environmental regulations, energy conservation
 System performance, financing, retrofit costs
A utility plant manager has discovered contamination in the oil storage tanks at the campus heating plant. To prevent this occurrence, the plant manager should install a leak detection system on the storage tanks.
As part of the campus Sustainability Initiative, the Energy Manager is planning on a Cogeneration Plant. What is a key consideration In designing the plant?
 Fuel type
 Wind velocity
 Plant elevation
 Solar exposure
Which statement best describes the concept of distributed generation?
 The generation of power by a utility company that is distributed to customers
 The generation of steam or hot water in a central plant
 The network of campus piping distribution systems
 The generation of utilities at each building
What are two characteristics of high efficiency chilled water systems?
 Variable frequency drives with three way valves
 Pressure dependent control valves with return water temperature reset
 High water temperature rise with two way valves
 Dynamic pressure balance controls with outside air temperature reset
What are the most likely choices for electrical service for a new facility coming online?
 Local provider, renewable energy
 Local provider, on campus generation
 Local provider, distributed generation
 Local provider, third-party supplier
Local utility price tariffs should be considered when making a decision about whether to extend central campus utilities to a new facility.
A facilities professional is performing an infrastructure assessment that includes sanitary sewer lines. The best method to evaluate the internal pipe condition is:
 Failure impact assessment
 Closed circuit television inspection
 Flow measurement
 Life cycle assessment
Collaborative learning is a major contributor to space inefficiency?
Which is a key element of the building program for a new facility?
 Base mechanical system design
 User requirements
 Component costs
 Tree selection
Which important component of a facility program provides a unique way to communicate baseline information about every space in a building program?
 User organization charts
 Area construction budget allocations
 Construction sequence schedules
 Room or space data sheets
Which financing option for a new facility would be best in a strong economy with stable interest rates?
 Tax exempt bond financing
 Fixed-rate financing
 Variable-rate financing
 Interest risk financing
A new project's stakeholders want to identify conflicts and prioritize needs to stay within budget. What should be performed before any design begins?
 Facility programming
 Master plan update
 Site survey
 Infrastructure plan update
A manager of utilities is asked to develop a budget to connect a new building to the campus utility system. The first step is to:
 conduct a site inspection of the proposed site.
 obtain a survey showing all existing utility locations.
 estimate the utility requirements of the new building.
 calculate a per square foot cost based on previous projects.
In which situation will an amendment to the campus master plan be presented?
 A donated piece of property changes the overall layout
 A proposed capital expenditure is not likely to be in conformance
 A new administration changes the goals of the university
 A change in land ownership alters the overall square footage
What is one of the five components of space?
 Amount or quantity
 Cost to build
 Maintenance requirements
Which plan defines a broad physical framework for campus land use, facility location, circulation, natural systems, infrastructure, and overall space organization?
 Strategic Plan
 Site Development Plan
 Space Plan
 Master Plan
Objectives are the driving forces in a master plan process.
The success of the campus master plan process requires:
 adequate funding to allow construction of the structures and infrastructure in the plan.
 support from campus leadership that it will sustain the principles guiding the development process.
 compliance with local building codes, zoning and ordinances.
 involvement of a highly respected master planning consultant to give the plan credibility.
The key issues in space planning are qualitative issues, functionality, cost effectiveness of space.
The most important step in successful master planning is to:
 appoint a campus planning advisory committee.
 understand existing conditions.
 offer commitment of the highest authority.
 build flexibility into the plan.
What is the relationship between Campus Master Planning (CMP) and Strategic Planning (SP)?
 CMP maximizes the value of existing assets, while SP achieves maximum quality
 CMP gives each campus its own direction, while SP creates a unique vision
 CMP enriches and reinforces the learning experience, while SP improves the undergraduate experience
 CMP conducts an inclusive process, while SP maintains academic freedom
The process for creating a Campus Master Plan should include a provision for future flexibility, adaptability, and life cycle considerations.
A project feasibility study should include a statement of:
 funding sources available to resource the project, building committee members, and space standards.
 compliance with the campus master plan, compliance with building codes, and pertinent regulatory requirements.
 space availability, utilization, and strategic goals.
 need, critical issues, design options, estimates, and budget analysis.
The proper order of traditional design documentation submittals is:
 schematic, design, and construction.
 design, schematic, and construction.
 schematic, construction, and design.
 design, construction, and schematic.
The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) division format is a reliable basis for what task?
 Project scheduling
 Project management
 Design review
 Bidding work
Life cycle costing review is used in the predesign phase to help determine what item?
 Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) value
 Construction methodology
 Design criteria
 Project feasibility
A concept in the study "Buildings, the Gifts that Keep on Taking" illustrates maintenance and operational costs exceeding the original capital construction cost because:
 it addresses the total cost of ownership.
 mechanical issues never get the attention needed in the design stage.
 the building is never operated the way it was designed after the break-in period.
 the donor's name is recognized on the building.
Main divisions of Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) formatted specifications sections include Masonry, Finishes, and Specialities.
When providing construction specifications, designers may use the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) format to organize:
 drawings in relation to specifications.
 supplemental general conditions.
 specifications into the multiple divisions.
 document review comments at each design stage.
The intended application of value engineering is to reduce the project scope of work down to a basic level and still deliver the project program.
What is the initial (construction) cost compared with the total cost of ownership of a building over its expected life?
Value engineering should identify savings of 5% to 10% of the total:
 design cost.
 annual operating cost.
 building system cost.
 project cost.
What is the correct order of the design phases?
 Utilization, Programming, Design Development, Construction Delivery
 Schematic Design, Programming, Estimating, Construction Bid
 Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents
 Scope, Design, Estimating, Bidding
What design phase includes outline specifications, statement of anticipated cost, anticipated area of construction, preliminary floor plans, site plan, and exterior drawings?
 Schematic design
 Design development
 Construction documents
 Predesign services
A primary type of construction schedule method is Just-in-Time (JIT).
The primary phase of capital project design and development that follows construction is:
 punch list development.
What action is included in the commissioning process?
 Testing and confirming the operation of an Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system
 Checking the foundation wall concrete with a testing company
 Giving authority to obtain a building permit
 Using good architectural and engineering drawings
According to best practices, the commissioning process should begin during design development.
Flexibility in code compliance for a construction/renovation project depends upon the code enforcement official.
Renovations and modifications to a historic building are being made on a campus. The design of the old building results in code compliance challenges. What action should the architect take?
 Design to current new construction codes
 Design the project in small pieces to get around code requirements
 Hope that the building inspector does not find out about the project
 Consult with an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) prior to design and request variances where needed
Which emerging project delivery method attempts to increase project team collaborations and the use of new technologies?
 Integrated Project Delivery
 Construction Management at-Risk
A typical cause of change order is:
 unforeseen conditions.
 software and hardware changes.
 local labor market.
 increase in maintenance and operations.
Typically what is relied on to obtain sufficient detail for the fabrication and installation of construction projects?
 Contractor's experience
 Owner's input
 Shop drawings
 Design Requests For Information (RFI)
Construction claims and disputes should be settled at the senior administration level.
Official construction communication to design firms and contractors is typically handled through letter of transmittal.
Construction change orders preferably come from the:
 design professional.
 equipment supplier.
A typical delivery method for facilities construction includes design/build/multi-prime.
What should a construction contract require for resolution of claims and disputes?
 On-site work is stopped pending resolution
 Pay requests are put on hold until the dispute is resolved
 Timely resolution
 Litigation for all claims and disputes
Who typically selects the construction method to construct a new facility?
 The owner
 The contractor
 The design firm
 The facilities management team
The most powerful method available for scheduling a construction project is a Gantt Chart.
The schedule of values for a construction project is used to:
 determine percentage complete.
 assess the cost of work-in-place as a basis for builder's risk insurance.
 estimate the adherence to schedule for categories of construction activity.
 prepare and submit requests for payment.
How does the Turnkey form of construction contracting compare with other types of contracting?
 It is the same as Design-build contracting
 It is an enhancement to Design-build contracting, as it allows the owner to start building operations upon completion
 It is the same as Lump-Sum contracting
 It is an enhancement to Lump-Sum contracting, as it allows for final payment on the day of completion
The contracting method of construction manager at risk is best used for builfinh projects that have a small number of sub-contractors.
Under the terms of a typical performance bond for a construction project, the bonds are most commonly valued at what contract amount?
Liquidated damages in a construction contract are meant to compensate the owner for provable damages incurred for failure to complete the project on time.
The primary forms of capital construction contracting is:
 performance contracting.
 job order contracting.
 force account.
Which is a primary advantage of Multi-Prime contracting?
 Affords minimized effort and risk to the owner and design team
 Has clearly identified lines of authority
 Decreases construction management risk
 Awards contracts at different times during construction
The most effective control measure for a project budget after design completion is requiring a project finance audit.
A project manager instructed to utilize a network scheduling method should use a(n):
 Excel spreadsheet.
 Gantt Chart.
 Milestone Chart.
 Critical Path.
What type of form serves as a common basis for issuing payment to a contractor?
 Substantial Completion
 Change Order Request
 Schedule of Payment
 Schedule of Values
What is the recommended timing for Maintenance and Operations technical review of construction projects?
 During construction start-up with the contractor and design team
 During the partnering sessions with the owner and design team
 At the midpoint and conclusion of both the design development and the construction document phases
 At the beginning of schematic drawings and the midpoint of design review
In the Design-bid-build Process, at what phase is funding for the project required?
 Construction document
 Bid acceptance
While designing significant renovations to existing historic buildings, what type of waiver will allow for an exception to be made?
 A toilet facilities waiver from the local authority for the entire facility
 An automatic waiver for a building that is over 100 years old
 An accessible entrance waiver if compliance is technically infeasible
 A partial waiver to get around compliance in certain circumstances
A real estate broker for campus must ensure due diligence is completed for a new facility purchase by talking with existing tenants about deficiencies.
What are the three approaches to valuing property?
 Evaluation of Comparable Sales, Construction Cost, Rental Stream Generated
 Replacement Cost Analysis, Evaluation of Comparable Sales, Income Analysis
 Rental Stream Generated, Total Construction Cost, Evaluation of Comparable Sales
 Mean's Catalogue Cost Estimates, Total Construction Cost, Replacement Cost Analysis
Which formula will help to determine the total cost of ownership of a facility?
 Gross square feet (GSF) divided by annual costs
 All costs divided by estimated life span of facility, then divided by total GSF
 Total maintenance costs divided by GSF
 All maintenance costs divided by Current Replacement Value (CRV)
What is the best way to measure the space needs of a campus?
 Cost per gross square foot (GSF)
 Full-time equivalent per assignable square feet
 Cost per square foot
 Full-time equivalent per square foot
What type of space generates revenue and is generally not directly related to the institution's educational mission?
 Intramural fields
Which is the best description of Assignable Square Feet?
 Usable space in the facility
 Total amount of space in the facility
 Space needed for core support services
 Net amount of space assigned to a user
An illustration of the significance of early decision making on a project's cost and how each discipline interacts with one another would indicate that owner's requirements and the architectural discipline have the greatest impact on the cost of a project
What is the foundational principle of ethical leadership that all other principles rest upon?
Besides a well defined mission and vision, leadership involves what four other elements?

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