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​7 Questions to Ask Your Web Development Company

Chances are your web redesign is not an in-house project. Too many variables go into a redesign for you to be sure it gets done just right. So to get the best possible result, you outsource the redesign to a web development company. But how can you be sure that you picked the right company for the project? By asking them these 7 questions before th...

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 3/26/2015 10:45:14 PM

​Apple Watch and Other Wearable Technology: Will It Transform Mobile App Creation?

The Apple Watch has grabbed the most headlines so far, but the new Apple gadget represents just a small drop in a very large tech tidal wave heading our way. According to IDC.com, global wearable shipments will likely hit 112 million units by 2018. What this means for mobile app companies can be summarized in one word: revolution. And, just like it...

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 4/24/2015 4:55:14 PM